Office hours

With the recent expansion of Baroda Ventures and my efforts to help build the Southern California entrepreneurship ecosystem, I am going to be testing an open office hours format for anyone who would like some advice for 30 min by phone. This should be used as a way to get feedback on an idea or advice on how to approach a business vs being a formal pitch to raise money.

This is especially suited for anyone who is thinking about starting a business or trying to decide how to think about fund raising. My intention is to provide a safe way to ask the “dumb” questions. For many new entrepreneurs, its hard enough to get facetime with a VC (especially in Southern California where there are just fewer firms), let alone being comfortable asking general questions about the process and to see if you are at least thinking about the right things.

Go to my shared Google Calendar (switch to Week view – not sure how to make this view default – if anyone knows, send me an email) and look for any time slots labeled “OPEN”. Send an email to officehours [at] barodaventures [dot] com and let me know a 30min time slot that fits in one of the OPEN slots and send me a phone number where I can reach you and a quick overview of what you’d like to discuss.

I will continually be updating new time slots on an ongoing basis so keep checking back and let others know. I hope this format will be useful and helpful for any entrepreneurs looking for a safe forum to get advice.

NOTE 1 : After your session, please go back to the Baroda Ventures homepage and click on Entrepreneur Feedback Form and leave me some comments on how I can do my job better

NOTE 2 : This should be used for entrepreneurs looking for advice (i.e., not for people looking to get a job in VC or general career advice)